"How to avoid paying 100%... 120%... 150% or more in consultancy fees by hiring a top independent facilitator direct"

What Is Projects?

And Why Do You Need It?

Nick Martin

From: Nick Martin

Founder & CEO of WorkshopBank
Copenhagen, Denmark

Question: Do you believe that high-energy facilitated workshops are the future of work? We do too.

Welcome to Projects! If this is your first time here, then you're probably wondering...


Projects is a sparkling new talent marketplace for trainers and facilitators

We have consultants ready to help deliver your goals available in 162 countries around the world.

We specialise in team building, change management, facilitation, conflict resolution, process improvement, organizational change and transformation.

If you’re looking for high levels of interactivity and participant enjoyment at your next event or workshop then you’re in the right place.

Where has Projects come from?

I've been a consultant specializing in facilitating complex projects for nearly 20 years.

I started WorkshopBank.com 8 years ago with a personal mission to create one of the world’s largest repositories of workshop activities.

Today we’re a bustling community of more than 11,000 members.

Growing quickly every month.

Top quality facilitators & trainers aren’t cheap

And if they work in a “traditional” consultancy you pay a hefty multiple to requisition their services.

Normally at least double what the consultant is being paid.

The best consultants are in high demand

Many I know are booked up months in advance.

But if you know enough of them there is always someone great available for the right price.

I know a lot of facilitators and trainers now and as a result of my large network I'm never short of finding someone to support me. Even at short notice.

I created Projects to save you time and money

You don’t need to spend years creating your own network. I've done it for you.

I have filled Projects up with the best consultants available. And more are joining all the time.

It’s designed so it not only saves you money (you pay the consultant fee plus only 10% to us) … but also a lot of time.

You publish your project (see the video below to see how simple that is to do) and available facilitators come to you with their proposals rather than you having to go looking for them.

You'll very likely get something back the same day.

How do I know the consultants are good?

Because I’ve personally interviewed and tested every single one.

I could have let anyone join (I nearly did as the business would be more profitable that way).

But instead I have chosen to prioritize quality over quantity.

The only people who have permission to make proposals on your project are those I have personally vetted.

That means you won’t be swamped with hundreds of poor quality proposals to wade through. You’ll get a handful with every one being of a decent quality.

This is why you have nothing to lose

It’s free to start a project and there’s no obligation to accept a proposal that is sent to you.

You also benefit from our guarantee. If you’re not happy in any way at the end of your project I’ll refund our commission in full. No questions asked.

Give us a try. What have you got to lose other than a few minutes of your time?

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P.S. If you have any questions use that chat box in the bottom right of the page. It’s your hotline directly to me.

Watch this video to hear our CEO explain the main benefits of Projects in less than 3.5 minutes

When you use Projects you can expect to...

  1. Save thousands on the fees you would pay a "traditional" consultancy when you hire a facilitator.
  2. Work with the same consultant for the duration of the project instead of being palmed off on someone significantly less talented.
  3. Have available consultants come to you rather than you needing to go searching for them to check their availability.

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Watch this video to see just how simple it is to create your project

With Projects, you get instant access to top class consultants & learn all this:

  1. How to hire a high quality independent consultant direct without any of the tedious administration.
  2. How to save thousands in commission by avoiding "traditional" consultancies and their horrendous extras and fees.
  3. The best way to ensure you don't waste time contacting consultants who aren't available.
  4. How to have facilitators and trainers pitch you with no obligation to buy... for free!
  5. How to work with independent consultants (and keep them laser focussed, rather than drift off course and outside scope).
  6. How to use an online marketplace to resource your project faster & cheaper than ever before... without compromising on quality.

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